“The Enchanted Garden” is one of those landscape projects.

Gardening is an activity that ensures health and enriches your soul. 

“Gardens were a soul’s at ease;

Where everything that meets the eye,

Flowers and grass and cloudless sky,

Resemble forms that are or seem,

When sleepers wake 

And yet still dream.” W.B. Yeats.

As this poet says, the garden has its place in the soul. Thus was born this garden, called: “The Enchanted Garden,” from the imagination, from the desire to create, from the passion for nature.

“The Enchanted Garden” was designed in a way that offers a person a view, as well as a complete garden, in all seasons.

This garden is subdivided into the following categories, and contains spaces for: vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs, succulents, and flowers. This garden presents four additional characteristics: the essence of the spirit, the essence of life, the essence of the senses, and aesthetic essence.

The presence of flowers, the whisper of the wind, the morning dew, the butterflies, the fresh smell of the grass, the hum of the bees, the song of crickets in the evenings, all create a spirit of relaxation, which is unmistakably transmitted by nature.

  • The essence of the spirit is found in the area with flowers.
  • The essence of life can be found in the garden area with vegetables.
  • The essence of the senses is found in the area with aromatic plants.
  • The aesthetic essence is found in the area with grass plants.

With this project, we introduced some practical suggestions regarding the vegetation used.

This garden was designed to include a terrace with loungers (that can be used for reading, the beach, and relaxation), lighting systems, a rainwater catchment system, as well as intelligent irrigation systems equipped with weather sensors.

The proposed plant and tree species introduce biodiversity to the garden.  


From the very beginning, Ioana Turcanu proved to be an important member of our team by her rapid adaptability and integration, both socially and professionally.


She participated directly in the important projects of the institution, and was involved in complex activities that went beyond the scope of responsibilities prescribed in the job description.


She stood out as a mature person, with a constant desire for self-improvement.


She is creative, with a special ability to find solutions, proving to be an exceptional colleague and friend.


~ Lucia Guse, Head of Green Spaces and Greenhouses Section.


“During her work in the Greenhouses and Greenhouses Investments Section in Sector 2, Bucharest, Ioana Țurcanu managed to integrate the dimensions and colors of various species in a unique landscape.


Working on flatbeds, squares, and parks, she also understood how to transpose a combination of colors and floral arrangements to create an exceptional landscape setting.


The alignments, tree groups, and solitary specimens used in the projects, represents a color palette that delights and pleases the eye, integrating with the surrounding area and offering: biodiversity, flowers, scent, utility, durability, tranquility, and landscape comfort.”

~ Mateescu Dumitru

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