For virtual assistants, content writers, and affiliate marketers looking to enhance their skills & generate multiple streams of income in 2020 and beyond


Here are the steps we need to follow, one-by-one.

I expect all your questions, comments, suggestions and/or concerns, via email and/or Skype, before and during the training/tasks.


#1 – High-paying skills you need to learn and enhance


It’s crucial we enhance our skills on a regular, daily and weekly basis.


Practice makes it perfect, isn’t so?


The skills I’ve learned since Nov 1999, when I started online are research, data entry, content writing, graphic design, video editing, social media management, blog management, copywriting and others.


Through this training program, you’ll be able to enhance all of the skills above, the only way to increase your online earnings.


Please watch the video below and you’ll find how I started online, and how I was able to generate 100 sales and $7,000 in revenue with my first digital product, while in University.



#2 – Build and Grow Your Mailing Lists (Leads and Clients)


It’s not smart to depend on client work all the time, and it’s not fun when income goes down or stales. Thus, generating multiple streams of income is the key to growing your revenue and improving your lifestyle.



The best way to generate multiple streams of income, on a long-term basis is to create a lead funnel where we follow-up with prospects and convert them into long-lasting, high-quality clients.


The core idea:

We send emails packed with tips, resources and links, which educate the target audience and deliver value, not promote ads or discounts;

We strategically embed links and call 2 actions within the content/emails, to help our readers and subscribers make an informed buying decision — whenever we promote or link to a product, an event or a service.


We only promote relevant products and services which help our audience save time, make money, reduce their costs, improve their lifestyle, profession, business, etc.


Please watch the brief video explanation:



#3 – Sign-up for these Multiple Streams of Income Opportunities


Please watch the video below and complete the task below; it takes 2 hours or so to sign-up with all these affiliate companies and services.



Sign-up with these free services as an affiliate & create your own account:


  •  DreamHost (get paid for referring webhosting) 


  • aWeber (get paid for referring email marketing & automation solutions) 


  • Amazon (get paid for referring books, electronics, home products, and anything else in between) 


  •  Google AdSense (get paid when people click on your banners/ads/links) 


  • ClickBank (get paid for selling digital products and membership sites/recurring subscriptions in multiple niches and industries from business, digital marketing, to health, home & decor, sports, entertainment, hobbies, etc.)


Sign-up with these free services as a customer & create your own account:


  • MooSend (for creating lead-gen, client-producing mailing lists and squeeze pages/landing pages)


  • Streak (to manage leads, projects and clients via Gmail, and send bulk personalized emails)


  • Clockify (to track your time and tasks)


  • Guru and Upwork (to bid on paid gigs, win clients and build your portfolio)


  • Screencastify (to record your screen and create screencasts with audio/voice-over effects)


  • LastPass (to manage all your passwords in a single dashboard/app/place.)


  • Wix (they offer a 100% free website builder and hosting; it’s a good option for beginners/startups,  but not for the long term though)



NOTE: you’ll own and control all these affiliate and client accounts yourself, so sign-up with your best email address, verify your account and complete your profile with the same data (full name, address, headshot, website, etc.)


Here’s how to create money pages and generate multiple streams of income: two of the best ways to do it. One of them takes 2-4 weeks and another 1-2 days. Create both and see better results, over the long-haul! 😉