The fairy of nature and her friends

Creation story:

The “Fairy of nature” is created manually. The hair is made of wool, glued to the thread.

The fairy skirt is created in several stages. First I create the skirt from the green linen, and then manually apply the silk material using natural elements.

The green shoes from the sequins are also applied manually, as well as other finishes that lend charm to this work such as the hands that are made of cotton.

The clothes are removable, a pleasant feature for the “little fairies” who are looking forward to enjoying this gift.

The cottage is made from the following materials: stickers, markers, felt, glitter, and lots of magic.

I thought that I’d place the fairy friends in the house, to stay close to the heat: “The little Ice Cream” and “the little Bulina”. During the creation process, we have inserted elements from nature such as acorns and ladybugs.

“BZZ-BZZ” friends are just waiting to get into the hands of a little girl, for the holidays. The handmade bees have been carefully decorated, and are talkative. When you touch the antennas, you will hear “BZZ-BZZ”.

The snowflake can be placed in the fir tree or you can find a suitable place in the house, completing the Christmas atmosphere.

The greeting card reminds us of those winter days when the snow slowly and silently sift to the ground. These two spirits want to bring light into everyone’s home, and, with the light, love.

The Savior’s love revitalizes us, waiting to enter our hearts and our homes. With this love, these toys were designed and created to suffuse your family with happiness.


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